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TAKATOO (Bi-Annual Pashto Research Journal, Department of Pashto, University of Balochistan, Quetta)
ISSN: 2075-5929 (Print), ISSN 2788-5674 (online)
Peer Review Process

Takatoo has been pursuing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the selection or rejection of research papers for its issues. Therefore, all the research papers submitted to the journal are double-blind peer reviewed which takes almost 30 to 90 days after its submission to the journal. A research paper is sent to at least two reviewers i.e. national and international or both may be national but before sending to the reviewers, desk review of the paper is carried out. The editor-in-chief may reject the paper if he deems that the paper is unpublishable due to any reason.
In order to ensure transparency, mechanisms are developed which regulate the entry and exit of each unit paper submitted to the journal. After having received the research papers, name[s] of the author [s] are omitted and papers are shared with two relevant editors for gauging the academic and research worth of paper[s]. An analytical format is provided to each reviewer to analyze and recommend papers for publication. Reviewers have four options: accept paper without any change, accept with minor revisions, accept with major revisions or Reject paper.
Anyhow, re-submission of the paper is recommended if minor / major changes have been pointed out. The reviewers critically analyze research papers which includes appropriateness, relevance, originality, language, facts and figures, arguments, concepts, methods and techniques, contribution to its field, results, and references.
Publication of the paper is conditioned to the positive report/recommendation of both reviewers. In case, one reviewer recommends major changes and the other reviewer rejects the paper; the paper is resent to another reviewer for final comments for publication.
In most cases, journal's team strive to communicate the minor changes prescribed by the learned editors and they are encouraged and supported to make necessary technical, conceptual or analytical changes that can potentially improve quality of the paper[s]. Acceptance letter is issued only if author[s] fulfill all the pre-requisites for publication of the paper.

Editor: Dr. Abdul Rehman Kakar
Takatoo: ISSN. 2075-5929
Department of Pashto,
University of Balochistan, Quetta- Pakistan
Tel: (+92) (081) xxx
Email: takatoopashtouob@gmail.com
Website: http://takatoo.uob.edu.pk

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