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 Urdu has a singular distinction to be our national language. It developed during the last 1000 years and has its origin in a number of languages e.g. Sanskrit, Turkish, Persian and Arabic. It has absorbed words form English and other regional languages. It is widely spoken in India and Middle East. It is the most common medium of communication.

Urdu Department was established in 1973 by Prof: Mujtaba Hussain, an eminent critic scholar and educationist, many renowned Educationists, writer's scholars, poets and play writers of Balochistan were groomed and nurtured in the Urdu department.

Urdu Department has the unique honor to be the fist department to start research oriented work up to M.Phil and Ph.D level in the University. The students have their own literary Club "Bazme Adab" to share their literary and creative work with faculty and fellow students. The department publishes a Annual Adabi Mujalla (Journal) with contributions of eminent scholars, poets and writers to its credit.


      Literature is a connection between ages. It has proved through ages that literature is a true friend of mankind. It has always a king hand to put on ignorant minds and has a glittering hope for wounded humanity. A keen study of history tells us that after acquiring knowledge, man has transformed knowledge into destructive weapon. As for as literature is concerned it teaches us brotherhood, equality, justice, unity, democracy, liberty, love and sincerity among human beings. It also teaches us to give respect to human being without any classification of wealth, religion, language, color and other differences.

     Today's globalization was also a dream of writers but is was more beautiful then the one we are proceeding these days because the writer's global village was conceptualized with the great moral values that human ever made for the betterment of mankind.

     Literatures always condemn the ideas and activities that stop the progress of humanity and revolution in mind.

     All the progress of mankind is a result of literary vision. No discipline of life can play constructive role for society without having literary vision as third eye. By keen study of history and society you can easily know that the nations made distance with literature become spiritually unproductive uncreative, dispersed and waste lands literature make human beings more rational and sensible.


         The department of Urdu literature has a mission to make the youth rational and sensible with above mentioned literary values. The coming generation is not only future of Pakistan but they will play a role of touch stone on future of global village. The producers of literature have always dreamt to make this world a mini paradise with all beauties, love and peace.

         Let the department of Urdu to avail the opportunity to contribute in converting the dream into a living reality.  


 Urdu is the national language as such it plays a vital role in the development of national harmony and act as a bridge for different language of Pakistan. In deed it is the most common medium of instructions and communication. The Department of Urdu is thus the mother department of the Languages.

To guide the student of M. Phil & Ph. D in-depth research of Urdu Language and Literature for ascertaining multi faceted values of different ages.

To explore old and new horizons of Urdu literature pertaining to prose, poetry and criticism.

To foster and environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.

To provide qualified and focused professionals in the subject of Urdu to meet the future needs of educational institutes or industry.

To prepare researchers to meet the needs of industry and research organizations, science and technology.

Contact Information:

Department of Urdu, University of Balochistan, Quetta

Phone: +92-81-9211244, (Intercom: 1457, 1458)

Email: urdu@uob.edu.pk

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