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            1.1        Balochistan.

1.1.1  Balochistan is a piece of earth which is full of every kind of recourses. Especially it is very famous for its Mineral Resource, Archeological sites, Historical background, Cultural and Political Institutes, Ethnic groups, Geographical location, Strategic importance languages and literatures. Doubtless, above mentioned field of study are still unexplored and need more space research and exploration. 

            1.2        Pre History

1.2.1  In the field of Archaeology the Mehrgarh, mounds of Naal (Khuzdar District), Mekran, Awaran, Kharan, Quetta, Zhob, Loralai and Kachhi plains are very interesting and famous. These archaeological sites are very attractive for the archaeologists all over the world. Balochi stan is a laboratory and research institute for archaeologists and researchers. 

            1.3        Historical period before Islam

1.3.1  The area of Balochistan is also very famous for its invasion's period history before the dawn of Islam. Many ethnic groups used the area of Balochistan as a cross road from west to east and east to west. Aryans, Scathians, Apthilities and Kushan crossed this   region   when they moved to Sindh, Punjab and Northern India. Historically this region has remained under the control of various dynasties, like Medians, Aschamanids, Greeks,  Motians, Sasanids and Barhamans of Sindh before the advent of Islam in the area. These  all historical guides us a big number of information about the past, but these all periods needed more research work. 

            1.4        Religious History

1.4.1  The religious history of the area of Balochistan is also very interesting and full of information. Before the advent of Islam in the area, religious such as, paganism  Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and Buddhism were in practice in the different parts of the  region. The religious history of Balochistan also gives big information about the past religious, and as well as the various periods ruins are can see in the different parts of region. This kind of history well guides the historians to make the history on true and real basis.  

            1.5        After the advent of Islam in Balochistan

1.5.1  The every part of Balochistan was very important for invaders. Many political and military powers ruled upon this region, because of its trade and military gates towards   sub-continent, which called, Bolan Pass and Moola Pass. So, control of this important   huge area was very important of every imperial power. In Muslim period up to the emergence of Pakistan, the area saw many ups and downs. This long political period is very important for historians and researchers to make the regional history on true basis. 

            1.6        Ethnic History of Balochistan.

1.6.1  Many ethnic groups are living in the different parts of Balochistan from ancient time. They have their history, culture and social institutes. The northern areas of Balochistan are the dare of Pashtoon tribes from a long time and the biggest ethnic group. Baloch / Brahuis are living in the east, west an d south of the region. These ethnic groups are played a major role in the society and politics of the area of Balochistan. These ethnic groups and their all other institutes of life are the major focus of the  Balochistan Study Centre.

            1.7        Cultural Institutes.

1.7.1  The regional culture of the area of Balochistan one of the oldest cultures of the world human society. The Baloch and Pashtoon tribes of the region have a big riech and civilized culture. The both nations Baloch and Pashtoon have their own cultural thoughts and institutes and for experts and researchers these regional cultures are not less then a laboratory and  institute. The unique cultures of both ethnic groups are interesting and wide for anthropologists.

             1.8        Language and Literature.

1.8.1  Balochistan is a multilingual region. Main languages of the region are Balochi, Brahui and Pashto while Sindhi and Persian are also spoken in some parts of the province. Some of these are the ancient languages of the region rich with literary resources. These have thousands of written resources, which are very useful for any field of social sciences, state sciences, languages and literature.

  1. Balochistan Study  Center


2.1     Balochistan has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Most of these are still unexplored. Mehrgarh civilization, nine thousand years old, and a number of other archeological sites, which are spread from Gwadar to Zhob, are very attractive for the archeologists all over the world. The religious history of the region is also very interesting, before the dawn of Islam religion such as paganism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and Buddhism were in practice in the different parts of the region. Historically this region has remained under the administrative control of various dynasties. The unique cultures of the Baloch and the Pashtoons are of interest for the anthropologists.

2.2     To meet the academic and research challenges of the new era there was a dire need regarding establishment of such a teaching and research centre in the University of Balochistan, Quetta.  



          Balochistan Study Centre was established in the University of Balochistan in November, 1997 was formally inaugurated in October, 1998. It is aimed at the study of historic, geographical and culture facets of the province. It is tasks to guide and sponsor research pertaining to Literature, Culture, History, Languages, Origin of Ethnic Groups, Social System and Archaeology of Balochistan.


  1. Objectives

    1. The Centre aspires to achieve the following objectives:

    1. To provide professional support for research in the province by registering M.Phil, Ph. D scholars to carry out research with emphasis on Balochistan.

    1. To promote study and research on the history, archeology, anthropology, culture, economy languages, literature, politics and social structure o Balochistan.

    1. To produce factual record and give world worldwide publicity to the unique cultural, archaeological ad historic sites of the province.

    1. To publish research journal, books, monographs and brochures etc related to historical, cultural and linguistic research related to Balochistan.

    1. Carry out short term research projects field studies regarding historical, archaeological and cultural aspects of the province.

    1. To organize International, National and local seminars, conferences, symposiums, seminar lectures on different subjects related to Balochistan.

    1. To establish linkages with the national and international universities and institutions which are already engaged in the study on Balochistan's history, archaeology, culture, languages, literature etc.


  1. Vocational Job Opportunities / Marketability of Graduates

4.1.    Education / Research Institute in  Private and Public Sector.

4.2.    Consultancy in NGO's.


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