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Message of the Vice Chancellor

No society can develop unless know the arts of development and the science of education. The world has tremendously progressed in the field of inventions and innovations because they have focused on educational institutions, curricula and market-oriented study programmes.

I firmly believe that a planned social change, which is deep and broad yet sustainable, can only be cultivated through a consistent and effective delivery of quality education to the masses. This can only be ensured by well prepared and committed educationists whether in the roles of teachers, administrators, content developers or policymakers.

Dear Students, Being situated in the capital city of Balochistan, the University of Balochistan Quetta has the unique responsibility to produce, and maintain a steady supply of capable professionals to the society. Therefore, we commit ourselves to advance the study and practice of education including excellence in the allied knowledge areas and to develop comprehension of the interactions between them. While endeavouring to fulfil this commitment, we emphasize on creating a culture where the future Educationists, Scientists and Professionals learn and practice what they are supposed to demonstrate in terms of values & virtues as well as the abilities & attitudes, hence, we set our objectives as:

  1. To study and practice contemporary theories, methods, technologies and mediums of teaching/learning and to prepare personnel for a variety of professional roles in all fields.
  2. To develop adaptations of the latest knowledge to local environment in terms of economy, culture, political sciences, religion, languages or any other relevant parameters and at the same time conduct indigenous research in order to effectively contribute to the body of knowledge in the areas related with educational needs, practices and issues.
  3. To develop collaborative linkages and provide support to local, provincial, national and international agencies mandated with provision, regulation and/or promotion of education and public services.

I am confident that with dedicated efforts of the faculty, administration and cooperation of all stake holders we will be able to shoulder our responsibilities with pride and dignity.

At the end I invite intelligentsia of the area to come forward and join hands with us for success and prosperity of this great University, especially when the University of Balochistan is celebrating its 50th year.


Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman 
Vice Chancellor

Established 1970

Public Sector:

General University

Chancellor Honorable Governor Balochistan
Vice Chancellor Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman
Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Saud Al Taj


Mr. Wali Rehman
Main Campus Sariab Road, Quetta, Balochistan (Pakistan)
Telephone +92-81-9211008