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Politics happens between nations, within nations, and within the minds of people within nations.  It affects almost every aspect of our lives, from the warming of our environment, to the cost of education and health care, to our attitudes toward each other.  In the discipline of Political Science, we investigate the nature, causes and consequences of politics. For this purpose, the Department of Political Science was established in 1974 with Dr. S. Riaz Ahmed as its first chairperson. Since then, the Department has been offering programs of Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D. in major sub fields of Comparative Politics, Political Economy and Political Philosophy within the broader discipline of Political Science.   


  • The objective of the Department is to create an active and informed citizen body which is aware of its constitutional rights and obligations, able to involve in a critical debates of political issues of freedom, justice and equality, and actively participates in public life towards the betterment of humanity. 
  • To socialize students in a democratic norms and values of liberty, social justice, tolerance, equality and diversity. To uphold and stand for the rights of oppressed social groups and conscientize citizens of social discrimination based on class, gender, religion, ethnicity etc. and to promote social cohesion and bring national solidarity in the state of Pakistan. 


    Vocational Job Opportunities/ Marketability of Graduates

    • Teaching and Research
    • Political Analyst and Commentator
    • Federal and Provincial Civil Services
    • International Organizations
    • Journalism



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