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TAKATOO (Bi-Annual Pashto Research Journal, Department of Pashto, University of Balochistan, Quetta)
ISSN: 2075-5929 (Print), ISSN 2788-5674 (online)

Section Policies:
Before submitting research article to Takatoo, the author (s) should read: (click here). The author (s) is advised to send purely original articles which has not been previously published or under consideration by any research journal. The author should not submit his /her article to any other research journal if submitted to Takatoo. Hence the author must submit declaration certificate that his / her article is neither under consideration nor it will be, if accepted for publication in Takatoo. This journal accepts pure and original research papers carried out by the authors reflected in it. The research articles should consist of the following main portions:

 Title both in Pashto and English if research paper is written in Pashto.
 Abstract of 150-200 words.
 Key words 4-6
 An introduction to the research.
 Research Methodology.


A research article composed in MS word 12 ft should be between 5 to 15 pages including references and tables if any.
Journal Sponsorship Publisher:
Takatoo is published by the Department of Pashto, University of Balochistan, Sariab Road Quetta.
History of the Journal:
The first ever issue of Takatoo was published in June 2009 from the Department of Pashto, University of Balochistan, Quetta. It is consecutively published bi-annually and is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in 2011.
Copy right Notice:
The authors must agree with the policies, terms and conditions before publishing papers in Takatoo.
The copy right of the authors retain for the first publication licensed under Creative Common Attribution (CC-BY).
Author's Copy Right:

Publication Fee:
The article submission to Takatoo research journal is free of cost. After submission of the article, an acknowledgment letter is sent to the author and the article is processed for primary evaluation also known as the pre-editorial review. The pre-editorial review of an article is also free, during which the very basic requirements of the articles is checked. The assorted policies regarding publication of an article in Takatoo have already been stated yet the following major points are kept in view before the article is processed for evaluation:
✔ Scope
✔ Non-Repository Turnitin Originality report (Less than 19%)
✔ Plagiarism Undertaking and Copy Rights Statement
✔ Format of the Article
Research Journal Takatoo is peer reviewed, open access journal , publishes articles in Pashto and English. It is mandatory to register on submission portal of Takatoo before submission of an article.
Source of Funding:
From its first publication till June,2019, Takatoo was primarily supported by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. At the very first stage of its publication, Takatoo was funded by the HEC, provided seed money and later on after recognition in 2011, till June, 2019, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan provided fund for its publication of two issues annually. As compared to other journals of the institution, Takatoo has record publications (almost doubled) in very limited sources. However, the publisher provided support of infrastructure and composing, after 2017.
Journal Account Detail:
Title of the Account: Takatoo
Account No--------------
Habib Bank Limited
University Branch, Sariab Road Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Print Copy Subscription:
National (Pakistan): 300 per copy + Courier charges
International: 20 US$ + Courier charges
Submission Process:
Submission process of Takatoo is simple. If you are first time user of this website, please register yourself to log in so that you may read the policies and terms condition in detail. For creating account visit the Takatoo website and fill the blanks given on the page concerned. After having completed the process, please follow the 5-steps article submission process. Anyhow, it would be better to have all relevant information (email address (s) and the ORCID ids) regarding the author (s) of the article which you are intended to submit.

Dr. Abdul Rehman Kakar
Takatoo: ISSN. 2075-5929
Department of Pashto,
University of Balochistan, Quetta- Pakistan
Tel: (+92) (081) xxx
Email: takatoopashtouob@gmail.com
Website: http://takatoo.uob.edu.pk

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