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TAKATOO (Bi-Annual Pashto Research Journal, Department of Pashto, University of Balochistan, Quetta)
ISSN: 2075-5929 (Print), ISSN 2788-5674 (online)
Takatoo Issue 22 Volume 11 2019 (Jul-Dec) (English Articles)


  "Employing the Circuit of Culture Approach to Interpret the Institutions of Culture and Economy in the Context of Pashtunwali"   (abstract)    

  Dr. Aziz Ahmed, Miss Zeenat Razzaq, Abdul Samad

pp. 9-20

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   Performing Arts as the Heart of Culture: Analyzing Pashtun Theatre from the perspective of provoking Ethnic Values among The Pashtuns  (abstract)    

  Dr. Saman Salah, Nazir Ahmed kasi, Dr. Saba Zaidi

pp. 21-27

Full Text


   A Comparative Analysis of Shelley's "I would not be a King" with Ghani Khan's "Bacha"/ King: A Romantic Perspective of Revolt   (abstract)    

  Shahbaz afzal bezar, Muhammad Naseem Tareen, Munnzza Noreen

pp. 28-38

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Editor: Dr. Abdul Rehman Kakar
Takatoo: ISSN. 2075-5929
Department of Pashto,
University of Balochistan, Quetta- Pakistan
Tel: (+92) (081) xxx
Email: takatoopashtouob@gmail.com
Website: http://takatoo.uob.edu.pk

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