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Academic Programs:

  • B.Com (2 Year's)

  • M.Com (2 Year's) Morning/Evening

  • BS Commerce (4 Year's)

  • MS/M.Phil

  • PhD

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

The B.Com is a well-renowned 2 year's degree program crafted for freshmen who aspire to lean to ins and outs of Business & Commerce. The program covers topics like Accounting, Banking & Finance, Economics and Auditing & Taxation etc. Moreover the qualification further emphasizes the participant to meet the needs of entering into middle level management for being placed as executives in various departments of the company such as finance, accounting, auditing and taxation.

It provides a fast track to an accountancy qualification.
Master of Commerce (M.Com)

The Masters in Commerce program aims to concentrate on fundamental concepts of business, commerce, economics and management related subjects. This program is developed with the intention to help the students excel in the fields of accounting and finance, at either the beginning or mid-level stages of their professional careers.

Currently, M.Com. Program run by the Department both in the Morning and Evening Sessions is on semester-based teaching system, which offers 19 Core courses 04 Elective / Specialization courses and a Research Project.


The MPhil in Commerce program aims at enhancing knowledge and skills of the students in theoretical and practical problems and their solutions related to the field of Commerce. The students are encouraged to dig out the answers of the broadest questions of life why and how our environment should be healthy, how institutions should correlate with industry and society etc. The structure of markets, consumers, organizations and societies depends on our assumptions about humans, their problems and the global resources. The program aims at developing in depth perceptions rather than focusing the surface solution to the problems. Another important feature of the program is that it would be helpful in developing a cohesive approach so that students can connect the gaps amongst the competing businesses, human and their environment. The program is essentially research oriented and focuses on academic research having practical applications in real life. The program is suitable both for those who want to pursue academic career and for those who want to pursue professional career.

The students who earn this MPhil/MS degree will be able to:
1. Understand the major concepts of the commerce oriented business studies.
2. Understand the research methods and their implementations practically.
3. Develop self-learning skills and in depth abstract thinking abilities in their practical life.
4. Understand the practicality of the theories and research by their applications by developing new theories, models and solution to the existing problems at their workplace.
5. Plan and promote their career properly.

The present new Syllabus of Course Work for Ph.D. in Commerce has been prepared keeping in view of the continuous developments in all subjects in the field of Commerce in its growing knowledge resources and improvements in pedagogic methodologies. Ph.D. program is offered according to the HEC requirements. It is research based program with 18 credit hours course work. Students with 18 years education in the relevant fields can apply in this program.

The present exercise of preparation of Course Work syllabus for Ph. D. in Commerce is guided by three broad teaching orientations: (i) job orientation (to prepare students to make use of employment opportunities), (ii) knowledge orientation (development of personality and sharpening of intellectual skills among the students), and (iii) social orientation (inculcation of social commitment among the students). The studies in this program are relatively structured to ensure that students build on intellectual and broad based knowledge and skills. The program is at par with international standards and endeavors to produce high quality professionals who could serve effectively in academia and industry.

Keeping these teaching orientations in mind, syllabus preparation has been done with the following objectives of Commerce education:

I. To acquaint the students with recent trends in commerce & management and the content of courses in commerce & management.
II. To equip the students to critically understand and interpret business realities.
III. To develop among the students a distinctly commerce & management perspective.
IV. To enhance the social sensitivity and sensibility of the students
V. To help students acquire skills that will be useful to them in their personal, social and professional life.

While preparing the Ph.D. Course Work syllabus, we have kept in mind the paradigm shifts in business pedagogies and management theory and its modern practices at national and international level, updating the reading lists and introduction of practical/fieldwork component.

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