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( M. A  Part I )

1. History of Pashto Language & Literature:

This paper contains information about ancient poetry and prose,modern poetry and modern prose and various stages of evolution of Pashto literature .

2. Ancient Poetry:

This paper contains analytical study of the poetry of Khushal Khan Khatak , Abdur Rehman Baba, Abdul Hamid Mohamand , Pir Muhammad Kakar, Mulla Arzani Khushki, Kazim Khan Shaida and Mirza Hanan Barakzai.

3. Ancient Prose:

This paper contains comparative study of ancient prose i.e Khairul Bayan  of  Bayazid Roshan , Makhzan i- Islam of  Akhand Darveza , Dastar Nama of  Khushal Khan Khatak , Mili Hindara of Mohammad Gul Noori and Guldasta of Abdul Qadir Khan Khatak.

4. History and Culture:

 A. History: This paper contains Pashtoon history, its rulers, Pashtoon tribes and study of their national struggle

 B. Culture: Definition of culture on various aspects, its characteristics and analytical / critical  study of Pashtoon culture.    

Functional English:

This is a common / compulsory paper for M.A previous regular and private candidates. 

( M .A Part II  )

5. Modern Poetry:

This paper covers the poetry of Amir Hamza Khan Shinavri, Abdul Ghani Khan , Abdur Rahim Majzob,  Ayoub Sabir and Darvesh Durrani.

6. Modern Prose:-

This paper contains modern prose  i .e  pashto Afsana , Pashto Drama and Pashto Novel.

7. Critical Literature and Rhetoric:

This paper covers   theoretical criticism, definition of criticism, various kinds of criticism, criticism and research, comparative study of literature and criticism, objectives of criticism, various theories of criticism. Evolution and beginning of criticism in Pashto literature.

8. Essay Writing:

A. This paper contains comprehensive  essay writing, of an un seen passage and rhetoric

B. Viva Voce: It is an oral examination which covers the entire course of  M. A previous and final.


 A.  Research Paper: (only for regular students of the department)

 In this paper regular students of the department are given a research topic on which they will submit a brief research thesis in the department.  


 B.  Study of Khushal Khan Khattak: (only for private candidates)

 This paper covers life and works of Khushal Khan Baba.




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