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To make sure that no one is dropping out of university due to financial constraints
To establish financial aid procedures, activities and priorities to reach UoB's yearly enrollment objectives.
To provide counseling and assistance to incoming, continuing, graduating and transferring students in meeting their financial needs
To provide assistance in completing the financial aid application.
To develop Part Time Employment Plans for students attending UoB who are in need of earnings from employment to pursue their studies.
To conduct studies on the financial needs of students within the university.

To find ways to raise funds for needy students from the private sector and non-profit organizations.
To process financial aid applications accurately, expediently, and with integrity
To comply with all local regulations, laws, and policies in the administration of financial aid and scholarship programs.
To develop and implement financial literacy and guidance programs
To cater the financial needs of the students with disabilities
To help to create drive for higher education among dropped out students who have discontinued their university studies due to financial
To act as a liaison between donor agencies (government, private sector, and non-profit organization) and needy students



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Youth Development Centre

University of Balochistan, Saryab Road, Quetta, Pakistan

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Directorate of Student Affairs

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