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Office of Academic Advisement & Educational Counseling


"Advising is a key to student retention. The best way to keep students enrolled is to keep them stimulated, challenged and progressing

toward a meaningful goal.


The best way to do that--especially among new students--is through informed academic advising.

" Anderson, Edward 'Chip'. (1997). Academic Advising for Student Success and Retention. Noel-Levitz, Iowa City, IA.


How to plan and achieve your academic, career, and life goals? The Office of Academic Advisement and Educational Counseling is the

division to go for answers. The office will assist you to avoid any constraints that may prevent you from achieving your higher educational

endeavors. At the Academic Advisement and Educational Counseling :


We help you on your degree plan
We help you to choose a major career
We will support you in planning your academic career
We will help you to register for you courses
We will prepare you for your graduation
We will get you engaged on campus
We will inform you about various campus resources



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Youth Development Centre

University of Balochistan, Saryab Road, Quetta, Pakistan

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Directorate of Student Affairs

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