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Office of Undergraduate Studies


We strive to embrace diversity and advance the academic, Psychological, and personal growth of all students.


"We believe that working at Office of the Undergraduate Studies is more than a job: it is a privilege, an honor, and a responsibility, and

requires a public and institutional trust that we do not take for granted and work very hard to keep."


The Office of Undergraduate Studies at University of Balochistan, oversees and administers the recruitment and selection of all

undergraduate applicants to the university. The office was established in 1971, and is currently led by Prof. Dr. Jahanvash Karim,

Director General - Student Affairs.

Our team, that is, assistant registrar (admissions), superintendent, admissions officers, computer programmers, and support staff,

take pride in the mission, vision, core values, and goals of the division.





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Youth Development Centre

University of Balochistan, Saryab Road, Quetta, Pakistan

Main Exchange +92 81-9211008


Directorate of Student Affairs

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