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Youth Development Centre (YDC)

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You are at the right place!

  • If you need information regarding the course registration process (information about available courses, registering for program / courses, payment of fees vouchers, and applying for graduation).

  • If you want to participate in credit or non-credit co-curricular programmes

  • If you want to learn through experiential learning and physical activity

  • If you need support in choosing majors and in planning your academic career

  • If you need a career advice

  • If you have an idea and you are curious about transforming your ideas into a business, product, or service

  • If you have psychological health problems

  • If you are a specially abled person and need special attention or services

  • If you need information about residential life

  • If you want to connect with alumni

  • If you want to enhance your skills and abilities

  • The Prime Minister's National Youth Development Program, is established at the University of Balochistan, with the seed money provided by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

  • YDC is a standardize one stop shop for university students that provides necessary information, counseling and recourses through single widow system.

  • The YDC serves as a hub of all academic and non-academic activities in the University of Balochistan, that is committed in resolving the academic and non-academic issues of all students under one window operation.

    The major objective is to address the queries of students within a single facility. The YDC operates in a close connection with all teaching and non-teaching departments.


    Currently following sections are operational in the Youth Development Centre building


  • Office of the Undergraduate Studies

  • Office of Co-curricular Engagement and Learning

  • Directorate of Sport and Recreation

  • Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Office of Academic Advisement and Educational Counseling

  • Office of Career Services and Internships

  • Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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Youth Development Centre

University of Balochistan, Saryab Road, Quetta, Pakistan

Main Exchange +92 81-9211008


Directorate of Student Affairs

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