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Directorate of Sport and Recreation


Sport can provide opportunities to:

play and have fun
relieve boredom by giving structure to free time
promote socialization by introducing rules to be followed
cooperate with others to achieve goals
challenge human limits
measure oneself
establish and overcome risks
discover one's limitations
make friends and strengthen relationships with others
get to know one's body better
earn an income
experience pride
express one's gifts and talents

foster peace locally and internationally
keep in shape - gain or lose weight
maintain good mental health
learn how to respect others
share a common goal with others
develop loyalty, commitment and perseverance
promote cultural values
experience the "cutting edge" feeling of pushing to the limits
reduce stress
improved self-esteem;
being better able to handle stress;
increase academic performance;
better relationships with family.

United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention


We strive to keep your Mind, Body, and Spirit active



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