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Typical Activities


To provide information and counseling to students about financial aid programs available to them including work-study program, grants, loans,

    scholarships, fellowships, internships, and fee remissions.
To assist students and parents in completing the codal formalities for financial aid.
To develop information and conduct workshops on financial aid and scholarships, such as, BEEF, EHSAAS.
To coordinate with Controller of Examinations and teaching departments in developing the merit list of students for scholarships and financial aid.

To collaborate with government, private sector, and other non-profit organizations to develop and sustain financial programs and policies that ensure

    that students do not discontinue their university studies due to financial constraints.
To utilize University Financial Aid Portal to efficiently cater the financial needs of the students.
To manage the Social Media Platforms of the Financial Aid Office.
To run the Social Media Campaign of Financial Aid and Scholarships Schemes
To manage the WhatsApp group of Financial Aid Office

To coordinate with federal and provincial government on issues related to financial aid.
To develop linkages & collaborations with industries.
To conduct regular meetings of Institutional Scholarship Award Committee
To provide information to teaching departments about existing and new financial aid programs available to students (i.e., work-study program,

     grants, loans, scholarships, fellowships, internships, and fee remissions).
To monitor student's academic progress and enrollment/withdrawal status
To use technology to streamline financial aid processes




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Youth Development Centre

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Directorate of Student Affairs

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