To Access Digital Library and E-books from anywhere:


Currently access to digital library and free E-books is limited within UoB campus only. D.L and E-books can also be accessed from home or any other place, provided that one has got an internet connection. To access such resources, one needs to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) dial-up connection. To create a VPN dial-up connection then, a person normally connects to any ISP (Internet service provider), then create a VPN dialup (which is same as like creating a simple ISP dial-up), you can make it by clicking 'new connection wizard'.








 Then click on  'connect to network at my workplace', and then selecting Virtual Private Network option;


 You can give any name to this connection in our case we have given “UoB”.


 Then it will ask you for host name or ip then just type in '' and you are done.




















The next step is to open this newly created connection, and click connect. Your username will be same as your UoB email address, and the password will be whatever you keep for your email account. The users, who currently do not have any UoB email address, are reminded to get one from DIT, UoB.


 It will notify you if connection to server succeeded or not. Once connected, you can open your internet explorer window, click on tools in the menu-bar.

 Then select internet options then click connections. Now you will see the newly created connection, in our case it is “UoB”, select it and click ‘settings’

Now enable proxy server option, and within address field type and for the port: 8080 click ok.

You are done now. Your browsing will be virtually done from UoB end, and you will be able to access the UoB digital resources.